About Us

We are two brothers who studied to become lawyers. Yes, both of us! We come from a family of lawyers, so it was only natural that we pursue it as well. For the sake of keeping business and pleasure separate, we like to call ourselves the Defenders Brothers, or—for the purpose of this blog—the Defenders Bloggers.

After countless hours of work and practice, sitting through review classes and taking all the mentorship we could get, we managed to pass the bar exam and gain admission to the prestigious State Bar of California. We started a practice together, but unfortunately, we could not sustain it for long because of various family issues that came up.

The fact remains that we had and have immense passion for this job, which is why we decided to let things cool down and begin again. This time, however, we opened up a private consultancy firm for those seeking legal help without any prior knowledge. As of today, we try to act as a bridge between our client’s requirements and the right lawyers in our network. We help everyone from a layperson to a corporate director, and try to match their needs. Everyone has to eventually step through the doors of the courthouse for one reason or another, and we want to empower them to do so with knowledge and awareness.

As for this blog, it was started with the same aim in mind. Helping people from all walks of life figure out the nuances of the legal system. In our blog posts, we will try to talk about everything from personal injury and insurance cases, to merger-acquisition agreements between companies. No matter what you need to know, you are likely to find it here. Why just believe us? Go take a read for yourself.